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GiftArt - -CamimiZ--Zee by ProjectHalfbreed CALL ME CAZ.

Accent Stamp by skylord666


Zacharie REF. Picture by CamimiZ
Zacharie REF. Picture
I butched this picture when I colored it, so I'm going to keep the colored version for RP references only, while this one I choose to post because... Why not. 

I think I'm finally happy with the design! Took me long enough. ; v ; ...

Zacharie © CamimiZ
WEEEEEEEH Yet another happy feelings journal from me. You guys can skip past this, I am just in the need of letting it all out.

So basically, school has been putting so much pressure on my shoulders I am /this/ close to blowing a fuse. As I'm typing this, my arms are shaking with what I can only identify as ANGER, and yes, I should be laying down trying to relax instead but even the medecine can't help me do that. I DID lay on the floor like a piece of poop for the last 10 minutes but nothing changed, if anything I only got angrier with all my thoughts, so instead I'm typing this shit up for y'all to read. 

For those of you who don't know I am studying engineering and it's soooo much. Fucking. Pressure. After full weeks + weekends of studying/homeworks for ONLY FOUR MONTHS straight with a little 5 days break that was fucking pointless because we had to study even harder, this is the end of me. 

See, I am a naturally stressed, hot-blooded type of person. A single hair on my head that decided not to cooperate on a morning, and I am throwing a 20 minutes fit + a sour mood for the whole day. NOW imagine my nerves after whole weeks of 9hrs a day classes and all the crap. I can't even. I swear to the fucking god I don't even believe in.

The worst thing is, the meds only worked for a few days. Don't get me wrong, when I take the pills on the morning, I feel like I'm high for an hour straight after that, but then it stops. In the subway on my way home, I was hoping that nobody would accidentally bump into me, because who knows what I was going to say and do to this poor infortunate soul that was probably almost as pressured as me, close to the last weeks of the year.

This is not over. I have two final exams on thursday, and more to come after the Christmas holidays. How the hell am I going to bear that, I do wonder.

OKAY So I know some people have it worse than me, that I at least should be happy I can learn what I want to, that I'm not sick nor dying, but fuck you, I am still going to turn into either a sociopath or a pile of dead nerves soon if this doesn't stop.

In short ; I need holidays.
That was a French fit brought to you by a 100% French product.
Sk$nny B$tch by CamimiZ
Sk$nny B$tch
It's winter time, and I figured I could make my own day and just draw myself. I did an inverted tye & die recently and I am so happy with it.
Almost all my clothes come from The Galeries La Fayette for this one. I did not pay those clothes enough tribute on the drawing but they're awesome <3 ;_; 

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